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Influenza Immunization Awareness Campaign 2014-2015

The Influenza Immunization Awareness Campaign takes place each fall to encourage Canadians of all ages to get immunized against seasonal influenza (the "flu").

Local, regional, provincial, territorial and national activities remind Canadians that immunization is the longest-lasting and most effective way to prevent influenza.

Statements of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization – Public Health Agency of Canada:

1st National Asthma Patient Alliance (NAPA) Patient Educational webinar series on Influenza and Asthma (webinar recording) (external link)

Links to information in your community

2014-2015 Campaign Resources

Resources have been developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada and made available for order by Immunize Canada.

Printed resources

Is it a Cold or the Flu?
English (PDF: 673k)
French (PDF: 670k)

Flu Facts
English (PDF: 795k)
French (PDF: 796k)

General poster (11x17):
Get the flu vaccine.
Protect yourself and those around you.

English (PDF: 801k)
French (PDF: 800k)

Tear pad: Children 5 and Under
English (PDF: 651k)
French (PDF: 654k)

Influenza checklist
English (PDF: 973k)
French (PDF: 1m)

Influenza pocket guide for immunizers
English (PDF: 132k)
French (PDF: 138k)

Stop the spread of the Flu
Adults 65 + are at increased risk of complications from the FLU

English (PDF: 590k)
French (PDF: 591k)
1/2 page print ad, in English
Print ad
1/2 page
English (PDF: 1.4m)
French (PDF: 1.4m)
1/8 page print ad, in English
Print ad
1/8 page
English (PDF: 403k)
French (PDF: 401k)
infographic, in English
English (PNG: 583k)
French (PNG: 608k)

First Nations and Inuit Flu Guides (Health Canada: First Nations & Inuit Health)
Get the facts – not the flu! (First Nations: English) (external link)
Get the facts – not the flu! (Inuit: English) (external link)
Ayez l'info, pas la grippe! (First Nations: French) (external link)
Ayez l'info, pas la grippe! (Inuit: French) (external link)

Successful Healthcare Personnel Influenza Immunization Programs
(Canadian Healthcare Influenza Immunization Network)

A Guide for Program Planners, in English
A Guide for Program Planners, 3rd edition
English (PDF: 1.2mb)
French (PDF: 1.5mb)
Human Resource Planning Tool, in English
Human Resource Planning Tool
(Companion Toolkit)

English (PDF: 432kb)
French (PDF: 309kb)

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